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               were formed in 1996 with the aim of presenting early music in a new and exciting way and of reaching as diverse an audience as possible. Evoking the spirit of Medieval Europe with music, masks, dance and giant stilt puppets they give powerful displays of colour, movement and sound. Based around carefully researched music, they bring to life images inspired by Medieval paintings, carvings and literature. They have toured throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe and Scandinavia and are equally at home at festivals, churches, art centres, street and outdoor events.

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"Daughters of Elvin play music that quickens the heart and gladdens the soul. The past is made dramatically present with masks and costumes of both poetic beauty and fearsome hilarity - they are a visual and musical triumph."


Brian Froud, Artist, Conceptual Designer, Folklorist

"From the first plaintive note of the pipes to the very last echo

of the drum, the music of the Daughters of Elvin always

touches my heart and thrills my soul.The dance performances

are sheer magic, the music is nothing less than superb.


Terri Windling, Author, Folklorist and Artist

“Superb, I absolutely love your music”


Alan Lee, Artistic Director,

Lord of the Rings Trilogy